Popcorn Days

Popcorn Days is a PTO fundraiser in which we provide a healthy, fun treat to the students and staff of Meadow Brook one day a month throughout the school year!  Ingredients used to make this popcorn treat are compliant with the FHPS district's nutrition guidelines and will be provided to all students unless they "opt out" for orthodontic or other personal reasons.  Please email Alyson Dodge at gengleal@yahoo.com if you would prefer we not deliver popcorn to you child(ren). We plan to distribute popcorn to each student monthly from September through May.  


The PTO has kindly suggested a donation of $3.00 (increased to $3.15 to cover processing fees if paying online) per student to help offset the costs for Popcorn Days throughout the year. We hope you will consider rounding up your donation to $5.00 per student in order to make this a successful fundraiser!  Cash or checks can be made payable to the Meadow Brook PTO.


A group of 6-8 volunteers are needed to pop, bag, and distribute the popcorn to the classrooms on Popcorn days.  Volunteers should plan to arrive at Meadow Brook by 8:30am and spend two to three hours to finish. You can sign up to volunteer for one or several popcorn days here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e094fa8ac23a46-meadow