Throughout the year the PTO organizes fundraisers, cultural learning experiences, and social events designed to enhance the learning environment for our students and teachers, while building relationships and community among Meadow Brook families.


We are proud to be able to support Meadow Brook in the following ways:

  • We organize and provide school-wide events helping to build a strong Meadow Brook community

  • We're the only PTO in the Forest Hills district to fully fund field trips for all students

  • We use fundraising dollars to enhance learning by providing cultural enrichment experiences in music, art, literature, and science

  • We provide stipends to help offset out-of-pocket teacher expenses for classroom resources, supplies, books, and materials

  • We help offset building and equipment enhancement costs including technology upgrades, playground equipment, and media center resources

  • We help offset costs for various professional development training initiatives for Meadow Brook teachers and staff including the Positive Behavior Initiative (PBIS).